Conscious yoga mats to deepen your practice

It all starts with a wish

You’ll find them in fields, farmlands, in front gardens and in back gardens. They go by many names, including lion’s tooth, milk witch, fortune teller, and irish daisy. In folklore, they’re a symbol of hope, childhood, and spring. We’ve been gathering them for food, drink, and
medicine for centuries. Their magic is all around us, yet, we still can’t seem to agree on whether a dandelion is a wildflower or a weed…

One of the most remarkable things about dandelions is their strength: they can grow just about anywhere! Unfortunately, their resilience is also the reason farmers and gardeners do everything they can to get rid of them. Children, on the other hand, intuitively know that
dandelions are magic. Without missing a beat, they rush to pick them so that they can make a wish. In the same way, dandelions ignore what the haters say and continue to pop up everywhere. 

And therein lies the spirit of the dandelion: A reminder from the Universe that your biggest strength is knowing your own worth, that you have to be stubborn in pursuit of your dreams, and above all else, to never ever stop making wishes. 

I am strong. I am worthy. I am dandelionspirit.
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Meet Cat

The dandelionspirit story begins in the magical city of Rishikesh, India. In 2019, Cat followed her heart to the Himalayas to complete her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. It was there that she received a yoga mat as a gift from her beautiful new friend, Jailan. Her practice was never the same again… 

A whole new world was revealed to her. Cat’s new mat took her to places she’d never been:
soaring, tumbling, and freewheeling. Just like on a magic carpet ride, it gave her a new dazzling point of view. She knew she had to share this whole new world with you.
The mats are just the beginning! Watch this space for more earth-friendly and conscious treasures Cat finds along her way.

Dandelion Magic

  • Legend has it that you can tell the time by blowing on a dandelion: The number of
    breaths it takes to blow all the seeds away gives you the time of day.
  • Superstitious brides weave them into wedding bouquets to symbolise good fortune.  
  • They’re said to carry your thoughts and messages on the wind.
  • The entire plant is edible!
  • Use dandelion root tea for improved digestion and increasing psychic abilities. Tip:
    Place it next to your bed to attract spirits. 
  • Use mature, bitter dandelion petals as a garnish in salads.
  • Use young, sweet dandelion blossoms to decorate desserts.

dandelionspirit stands for

Conscious Living
yogo pose
Cruelty free
Deepening your yoga practice
Earth Friendly
Connecting to self 
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Please consider a donation by clicking this link and find out more about this incredible initiative
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The dandelionspirit promise is to donate a percentage of each mat sold  to the Earthchild project

Based in Cape Town

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